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Why Voice Assistants?

How Would Voice Assistants Help Your Business?

Engage more people

Voice Assistants enable people to access information faster with greater ease just by speaking to a Voice Assistant enabled devices. Asking the latest price of a stock, the Chinese zodiac of a particular year all can be done just by asking the Voice Assistant. For example, "Alexa, ask Australian Shares for the stock price of QFA today." or "Alexa, ask Chinese Zodiac for year 1988?"

Faster access to your products & services.

Voice Assistants help your customers access your products and services faster and more easily. Domino Pizza voice assistant enable their customers to order pizza just by speaking to a voice assistant enabled device.

Voice activated digital assistant devices

More and more companies integrate digital voice assistants into their products. From lighting and fridges to home security and home entertainment centres. It is now easy to see a future with no switches!
Voice assistants devices are also used in day to day operations within organisation, such as company meetings like organising meetings, rooms and people.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Creative Voice Lab

Who We Are

Creative Voice Lab was founded by a couple of Australians who together have over 40 years of experience in leading edge technologies. We were one of the first few people in Australia to deploy speech recognition as integrated business solutions.
Creative Voice Lab has developed and contributed skills into home voice assistant solutions such as Alexa and Google Home.

What We Do

Consultation & Design

We help businesses identify their specific needs for Voice Enabled solutions and design voice solutions for their businesses. We have a deep understanding in many business and government sectors, and can work with you to ensure you get more than you expected.

Develop Custom Solutions

We help businesses develop their presence in the voice assistants world. Our strong background in software development enables us to develop integrated solutions that work with the technologies you use now. We are agile and adaptable to make sure your solution delivers.

Hosting Voice Solutions & Support

We deploy voice solutions using Amazon Alexa & Google Home voice assistants. As other devices and platforms become available, we will be there to extend the range of devices your solution works with.
We also provide hosting & on-going support to your voice solutions.

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